Peggy’s Patterns
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Skill Level 1
Requires simple basic cutting and sewing skills. To make this level pattern, you should be able
to cut fabric into strips and sew a straight seam. Patterns at this level are an excellent choice
to make a first quilt. You can do it! Give it a try!

Skill Level  2
Requires accurate cutting and sewing skills. With just a few simple steps beyond the Skill Level 1 pattern, even a beginner can create a very impressive quilt.
Easy-to-Follow instructions will guide you every step of the way.

Skill Level  3
Requires more accurate cutting and sewing skills than the beginner pattern. Discover additional shortcuts and techniques to make your quilting adventure even more fun and exciting.

Skill Level  4
Requires very accurate cutting and sewing skills!. Patterns at this level are not difficult … they may just take a little more time to complete … and it’s worth it!

Skill Level  5
Requires precise cutting and sewing skills! A variety of  techniques and accurate cutting and sewing skills may be necessary to complete a quilt at this level.

For your convenience and ease of selecting patterns

that will you will really love ...

Peggy’s Patterns are categorized into several Skill Levels.

The Skill Levels are described below.

Once you have made a quilt using the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions

in one of  Peggy’s Patterns,

you will discover just how talented you really are ...

and you will have the confidence to try many more of Peggy’s Patterns!